Oil & Gas Applications

Oil & Gas Applications

Nanotech Alpha is pleased to present a full range of products specifically engineered to help overcome the oil and gas challenges of working in the world’s oil fields. Whether restoring tired non-producing oil wells, treating fracing water or simply cleaning and degreasing oil field rigs and equipment, the Alpha Green assortment of well service products will help make the oil fields a cleaner and greener environment.

During an oil well stimulation or when cleaning oil spills, hydrocarbons are subjected to physiochemical processes such as evaporation or photochemical oxidation which produces changes in oil composition. But the most important process acting on the oil is biodegradation.

Alpha Green oilfield application products are formulated to enhance the response of the natural bacterial population after the spill and to exponentially speed up oil degradation taking place at the contaminated sites.

Alpha Green oilfield products upon application create a non-reversible "NANO" emulsion. The biodegradation components are primarily CO2, nitrogen and micro carbon. Alpha Green oilfield products are superconcentrates or concentrates, which when mixed with water, reduces the components to extremely small particles, 1-4 nanometers in size. which can penetrate hydrocarbon molecules.   The particles breakup the oil molecules, accelerating the process of oil biodegradation, which produces a food source for resident bacteria. 

Nanotech Hydrocarbon Cleaning Products

Drilling Lubricant                                 • Colloidal Algae Control

Drilling Detergent                                • Frac Water Treatment

Oil Field Degreaser Concentrate      • Gel Fragment Emulsifier

Oil Field Degreaser (RTU)                  • Oil Field Storage Tank Cleaner

Alcohol Based De-Foamer                 • Rig Truck & Heavy Equipment Wash

Aqueous Based De-foamer               • Mud & Frac Tank Cleaner  

Well Wake Up                                        • Surface Washing Agent

Well Bore Foamer                                • Disperse Away

Casing Cutter                                        • Refinery Grade Surfactant

Dust Suppressant                                • Fire Suppressant

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